Sunday, November 28, 2010

willow rosenberg has the cutest smile ever invented

hulu plus has all the buffy episodes.

and my life is the better for it, buffy's occasionally weird velvet pants excluded.

because velvet pants aside, it's buffy's opaque sparkley sunglasses and cute witticisms, angel young and forlorn (so much more lovely than his contemporary rip-off), willow's enormous innocent eyes and utter sweetness, the halloween episode of season two, and all of season two, really. and fucking drusilla, man. fucking drusilla should have won an emmy for her sheer super amazingness.

and yeah maybe i've had a lot of wine and an excess of ice cream cake tonight, but some things are just patently charming. and the level of cuteness achieved with a willow rosenberg smile circa 1997 is way more charming than anything i've seen televised in the last ten years. so yayys for hulu, which has raised my happiness by at least 50% with its abundance of otherwise unavailable awesomeness.

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