Sunday, October 31, 2010

couldn't love you more

it has been busy and beyond hectic over here. i've been a ridiculous bitchface to pretty much urrybody and have been barely keeping my head above water. but i played in my first home bout tonight and my beloved and my favorite lovelies came out to support and i just couldn't be more pleased with the life i've made for myself in the middle of nowhere, all on my own. now i'm ready to conk out -- sore and tired, half drunk and bruised, dried sweat and achy bones. but i haven't felt so wildly alive and wonderful in ages. i will sleep forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvs and wake up happy, i know.

Friday, October 8, 2010

hey, fall

have made a slew of new recipes lately, but have been a weird combo of both too busy and too lazy to post recently. plus, i have a bout in chicago tomorrow! eeek! i'm terribly excited though, so wish me luck. and i'm getting a lot better, imho. can skate backwards, stop fast, and am learning to skate sideways too. still falling down a lot, but been getting better with that too, i think. just thought i'd stop in to share my newest favorite fall purchase:

faux fur FTW!

been looking for a retro cropped faux fur jacket for two years and thankfully, fashionistas have decided to embrace the leopard print this fall. wish i could have afforded this sweet hot kate spade version, but alas, grad school makes ms. spade an impossibility:

still, don't you think i did an awesome job finding a cheaper, but still retro fun jacket? i'm impressed with myself anyway. and now lafayette, indiana is gonna get an eyeful of a glam jacket and big black sunglasses version of jb.