Monday, August 30, 2010

on the end of summer, sequin shorts, and montenegro style

well it's still hot as balls in the midwest, but easy to tell that summer comes to its slow, sad close. winter is pratically upon us, y'all. oh sure there's the pretty, quick breath of fall but then before you know it the ground's covered in grey sludgy snow that mucks up your pant legs and sticks around in huge drifts, unperturbed, until april.

but david bought me sequin shorts from jcrew, so winter will not bring me down this year! cuz it's all sparkly shorty shorts over here! and i am working on my fall look, which will be 'montenegro style' in honor of the shiloh. toddlers are so cosmopolitan these days. anyway, slouchy soft menswear is my direction. which i will balance with extremely slutty shoes and big, messy, long hair. and dark lipstick. and maybe some kind of delicate jewelry. now if only that financial aid check would come so i could start looking for online sales. also digging this lately:

(unisex cologne of awesomeness)

and have also been coveting this hair despite my fall commitment to length:

(dawson's creek pixie cut of awesomeness)

in day-to-day life news, i've been effing neck deep in bureaucracy horrorfest over here lately. i can't bear to think about it anymore, so i won't get into details. let's just say FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT and call it covered.

i hope to be blogging more regularly now that i have my wits about me again. i've been so manic just trying to write and deal with a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta whathaveyous, that i'm only now starting to feel like i have a handle on things. so i'm back in the world. head is out of the muddle. let's see what i can squeeze out of the last warm days of august.

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