Saturday, July 24, 2010

july = dissertation and derby

really, i don't do anything else these days. well tonight i made zucchini pancakes which were a success. i just tweaked an ina garten recipe a bit and served them with tzatziki and big salad with avocado. obsessing over avocado is also something i've been doing a lot in july.

but in derby and diss news, i was in my first bout and loved it even though i kept getting knocked down. i got totally nervous right before it started and then calmed down about 15 minutes in. by the second half, i was having the best time i've ever had in a sporting event. it was awesome. as was the 80s themed after party at which i drank some bud lights (whut?) and ate some sandwich and danced with a bunch of sweaty, smelly bruisers. there was A LOT of girl-on-girl humping action. all in a good fun, non dominating kind of humping way, of course. the other team, So Ill Roller Girls (clever, you see, because they are from SOuthern ILLinois. get?), was very fun and good spirited overall. they won the bout but were super sweet dancey party cool girls after.

on the dissertation front, i'm being pretty productive. got another chapter draft done and twenty pages of the next. twenty messy disaster pages, but better than nothing. and it's kinda coming together. i still have a bit of a hopeless, i'm never gonna get done feeling in my gut, but i make myself write every day regardless. just hoping that will pay off soon.

that's all the recap i can handle tonight. now off to watch some hulu before bed. night night.