Sunday, June 27, 2010

fireflies, flip flops, and sundresses just don't happen in san francisco

love my california, love it. but it is god damned cold here. i'm not gonna lie -- i miss my humid midwest right now. but i had such a ridiculously beautiful day today that i'm exhausted and worn out but glowing with so much happiness that i can't fall asleep yet. so, a short blog post before beds.

my little brother got married to a sick-hot redhead today. she looked stunning and slim and graceful in a mermaid style gown with sparkles and he looked all movie star and great hair and dapper in a well-tailored black suit with apple green silk tie and pocket square. they said beautiful and heartfelt things to each other and it was so pretty and sweet that i cried until my nose ran in front of a hundred people. and then after they got all wedded, they walked out to "laid" by james which just sealed the joyfulness and soul-burst, for reals.

and my dad teared up during the ceremony and MY FATHER DOES NOT CRY. ever. ever. it killed me. he loves us so much. and he does so much for us, i just hope hope hope he knows how much we appreciate everything he does. i say thank you but at some point "thank you" just doesn't cut it. i can't wait to be able to do something really wonderful for him. and mums of course too, who choked back tears and looked darling in light gold dress and heels and then looked even darling-er dancing with russell at the picnic afterwards.

but i'm rambling and being full of love and joy does not make for an especially well-written post, esp at 3am with several beers and champers and whatever else in the belly.

there was just lots of love today spilling out all over the place, so i can't help but feel gushy and open and just wonderfully alive here now in my precious hotel room, windows flung open despite the cool weather, cuddled up in puffy white pillows and ready to conk out like a little baby angel.

sleep tight, my hearts. everything is good, like whoa.

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