Wednesday, June 2, 2010

aw, no more vacay

at phx now waiting for my indy flight and feeling half low, half happy to be headed home. had a ridiculously lovely time in the OV with mummydaddy and then the ladies for ladies weekend. some of my favorite things, in random order (a slightly more detailed post in the next few days):

- i made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and choc cupcakes with "that's the best frosting i ever had" and they both came out pretty dandy!
- fun mimosa brunch with the gals
- saw lots of strange, napping creatures at the sonora desert museum
- lounged in the p's pool, playing pool badminton with the girls
- goofed around with my brother's hat collection, laughed hysterically
- made dinner at home, kim's AWESOME avocado salsa
- and her equally awesome grilled poblano peppers and onions for atop burgers/vegi burgers
- my dad's caesar
- the beautiful drive to mcclintock's restaurant
- the smell of coppertone and clean beach towels
- my first pedicure (!)
- visit to both bon stores for magical inspiration feelings and lots of d.i.y. ideas
- met the bon owner's new baby, lucien, who was kickin it in an enormous basket lined with blankies
- wii dance! i sucked, but it was so fun
- my new blue nail polish (it's like ghetto fab meets summertime, y'all - check the beyonce vid that inspired the manicure)
- solid parent time and solid girlfriend time = totally restorative

now i just gotta motivate to finish the damn dissertation. hopefully i'll get on a good summer writing sched soon.

first, though, i am headed to my favorite central illinois town...bloomington! i'll be visiting my old bloomie partner in crime, abs, who is departing for a teaching position in tennessee and i am soooooooo looking forward to checking out the town that was the scene of many bizarre adventures. hopefully we will also be joined by the hilarious vhvk whose wild blond curls and unruly sense of humor made my first year of grad school one of the most interesting years of my life.

and before that, it's raves birthday! (okay, really, when will i get work done with all this fun? and when will i lose the five pounds before russell's wedding on the 26th? gah! june is gonna be nutty and incredibly busy!)

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