Sunday, June 27, 2010

fireflies, flip flops, and sundresses just don't happen in san francisco

love my california, love it. but it is god damned cold here. i'm not gonna lie -- i miss my humid midwest right now. but i had such a ridiculously beautiful day today that i'm exhausted and worn out but glowing with so much happiness that i can't fall asleep yet. so, a short blog post before beds.

my little brother got married to a sick-hot redhead today. she looked stunning and slim and graceful in a mermaid style gown with sparkles and he looked all movie star and great hair and dapper in a well-tailored black suit with apple green silk tie and pocket square. they said beautiful and heartfelt things to each other and it was so pretty and sweet that i cried until my nose ran in front of a hundred people. and then after they got all wedded, they walked out to "laid" by james which just sealed the joyfulness and soul-burst, for reals.

and my dad teared up during the ceremony and MY FATHER DOES NOT CRY. ever. ever. it killed me. he loves us so much. and he does so much for us, i just hope hope hope he knows how much we appreciate everything he does. i say thank you but at some point "thank you" just doesn't cut it. i can't wait to be able to do something really wonderful for him. and mums of course too, who choked back tears and looked darling in light gold dress and heels and then looked even darling-er dancing with russell at the picnic afterwards.

but i'm rambling and being full of love and joy does not make for an especially well-written post, esp at 3am with several beers and champers and whatever else in the belly.

there was just lots of love today spilling out all over the place, so i can't help but feel gushy and open and just wonderfully alive here now in my precious hotel room, windows flung open despite the cool weather, cuddled up in puffy white pillows and ready to conk out like a little baby angel.

sleep tight, my hearts. everything is good, like whoa.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

things i loathe, in no particular order

kitten heels
brendan fraser
sweater sets

phew, just needed to get that out. thanks.

Friday, June 18, 2010

fireflies on parade, or, why i can never manage my summers

too many plans, y'all. too many plans. when summer hits, i just can't contain my desires and then i'm all scattered and dissatisfied for three months. i'm determined to be more realistic this summer, and more organized. tho i have yet to actually DO this organizin, i'm convinced that a huge, soon to be purchased dry erase board will help me get my act together. i don't want to meet another august with a list of un-met goals and half-finished craft projects. i think i'll post a realistic version of summer goals soon, to keep my ass in check.

i have been a busy little critter tho! i knew june would be a sort of frightful messy month. had the friend reunion/arizona trip at the beginning of the month, then a weekend visit with aev in my old illinois haunts (what a trip that was! i do miss that town. we ate and drank and ran into ex-boyfriends, and went to a porch party, bought inexpensive yet stylish jewelry, watched reruns of 30 rock until 4 in the morning, and strolled the streets of normal, illinois. action packed, for sure.). i also got checked off on all my derby skillz and started scrimmaging with the team which is hard and exhausting and awesome and i find myself thinking about roller skates as i fall asleep at night. and jamming. one day i'll be a jammer, you guys. i've also had too much wine at half-off wine night, glutted myself on the glory that is true blood season two, seen a mess of fireflies, eaten enchiladas and awesome homemade rice at raven's, run innumerable errands, and found a local store that sells coconut water.

and i'm also still dithering with the same chapter i've been dithering with for ages. so, first order of business is to get it sent off by this sunday, the 20th. it must happen. i must quit dithering. i may need therapy.

and then it's off to berkeley for my onlyest brother's wedding! i think this will be a memorable event, for reals. now i just gotta get some ducks in a row before next thursday and then i will explode into july like banzai motherfuckin ball of energy and light.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

aw, no more vacay

at phx now waiting for my indy flight and feeling half low, half happy to be headed home. had a ridiculously lovely time in the OV with mummydaddy and then the ladies for ladies weekend. some of my favorite things, in random order (a slightly more detailed post in the next few days):

- i made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and choc cupcakes with "that's the best frosting i ever had" and they both came out pretty dandy!
- fun mimosa brunch with the gals
- saw lots of strange, napping creatures at the sonora desert museum
- lounged in the p's pool, playing pool badminton with the girls
- goofed around with my brother's hat collection, laughed hysterically
- made dinner at home, kim's AWESOME avocado salsa
- and her equally awesome grilled poblano peppers and onions for atop burgers/vegi burgers
- my dad's caesar
- the beautiful drive to mcclintock's restaurant
- the smell of coppertone and clean beach towels
- my first pedicure (!)
- visit to both bon stores for magical inspiration feelings and lots of d.i.y. ideas
- met the bon owner's new baby, lucien, who was kickin it in an enormous basket lined with blankies
- wii dance! i sucked, but it was so fun
- my new blue nail polish (it's like ghetto fab meets summertime, y'all - check the beyonce vid that inspired the manicure)
- solid parent time and solid girlfriend time = totally restorative

now i just gotta motivate to finish the damn dissertation. hopefully i'll get on a good summer writing sched soon.

first, though, i am headed to my favorite central illinois town...bloomington! i'll be visiting my old bloomie partner in crime, abs, who is departing for a teaching position in tennessee and i am soooooooo looking forward to checking out the town that was the scene of many bizarre adventures. hopefully we will also be joined by the hilarious vhvk whose wild blond curls and unruly sense of humor made my first year of grad school one of the most interesting years of my life.

and before that, it's raves birthday! (okay, really, when will i get work done with all this fun? and when will i lose the five pounds before russell's wedding on the 26th? gah! june is gonna be nutty and incredibly busy!)