Sunday, May 2, 2010

worst birthday ever?

perhaps. nobody wants food poisoning the night before their birthday. so no cake or champagne for me. no leisurely shopping or baking or light napping. just vomiting horrendous amounts and shitting rivers from about midnight until 8am. about once an hour, i guess. i counted seven trips to the bathroom. sorry for the too much info, but those were seven painful trips to the loo. so i feel compelled to share.

anyway, that meant my birthday proper was spent curled up in a ball sipping pedialyte and nibbling the corners off saltines. i started to feel better around midnight, and my sweet sweet boyfriend took really good care of me by making a special grocery trip replete with several flavors of fruity jello, pleasantly bland soup, and a pink plastic princess tiara and matching earrings. he even made me a pedialyte, gatorade, and water mocktail in a wine glass. much appreciated. for reals, i get super sensitive when i'm sick. i don't complain, but i get really quiet and am prone to tears. i totally teared up when i saw that he got me multiple jello flavors.

but i'm MUCH better now. opened lovely presents from the parents, looking forward to a dinner out with sweet boyfriend, and i've lost five pounds. (which will, undoubtedly, come back when i can eat more than soup and english muffins.) gonna do a little shopping with bday gift cards this week and i also CANNOT WAIT for the semester to meet its close. it's time for summer with all its humid glory and finished (and hopefully defended) dissertation.

the last couple days of mandatory bed rest have gotten me all riled up to get back to life with new vigor. i've got plans (some birthday resolutions to share on the morrow), and i'm a girl who likes her plans. now it's just five more papers to grade, some finals to give, and it's gonna get all free bird up in this bitch.

if free bird had an unfinished monster dissertation hanging off one little bird foot, dragging it down to the realm of the impossibly unfree, that is.

to making the most of it. happy 34th year to myself.

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