Monday, May 24, 2010

pancakes and roller derby

is pretty much all i've been up to lately. not sure what's up with the pancake cravings, but i've decided to just honor the belly and make pancakes.

made these pancakes which were delicious (only changes i made were using half whole wheat flour and half regular organic flour, using regular milk sted soy, and adding 2tsp vanilla + 1/2 tsp of coconut extract cuz i ran out of vanilla). i also made these uber healthy pancakes which were actually quite tasty tho a touch eggy for me.

and helped bench coach at the roller derby bout on saturday night which was a blast, natch. fingers crossed that i'll be skating in june! but i've got a lot of travel-vacay on the agenda, so if i don't get to skate until july, i'll just have to deal. i wish i could just get everybody i know to come to a bout with me! they're really SO FUN. everyone is yelling, girls are all ass-over-tea-kettle, there's beer and popcorn and unfinished wooden bleachers, fishnets, tough competition,'s all extremely entertaining and lively.

then i went to the afterparty at the knick where i had a few beers and chatted a bit. then home for pizza (i was staaaaaaaaaaaaarving!) and late night movie watchin.

tomorrow i head to arizona to hang with the parents and then have a mini friend reunion with my college girls. i am super excited for lounging, hiking, cocktails, dinner out, swimming, tennis, shopping, etc.

but now it's 2am and i need to finish packing. but that shit's easy. sleep tight, internet! i'll write when i get out west!

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