Thursday, May 27, 2010

desert vacay

flew into phoenix yesterday and super glad to be back in the desert. bizarre, perhaps, but i so dig the high temperatures and warm nights. obsessed with warm nights. love them.

got a much needed in n out grilled cheese on the way from phx to tucson and spent the rest of the evening chilling and drinking wine with the p's. pretty lovely.

today i slept in, mums made me some oatmeal, i lounged by the pool, and then i drug the parents to tucson's only roller rink. what a dork! i'm really so geeked out on derby, it's ridiculous. i kinda thought the rink would be empty and i could do some falls and stuff for my parents, but it was chalk full of kids! so mostly i just treated the kids like an obstacle course and practiced weaving around a bunch of wobbly babies. good practice, actually. and the rink had a skate shop, so pops bought me some outdoor wheels and a wrench for tightening up my toe stops. woot! i started switching out my wheels tonight and i think i'll hit the oro valley streets tomorrow for my first try at skating out of doors. very excited.

also super excited for my girls to arrive on friday! this weekend is going to be lots of fun, i can tell already. even if we just lounge on the couch and drink mimosas for three days, i'll be stoked.

dying of sleepiness now, so i'm gonna hit the showers and hope i don't have bad dreams again tonight. every time i travel now, i spend the first few nights having terrifying dreams. i think my psyche misses the boy and the dog. which would be sweet if the dreams weren't so horrible.

until tomorrow then. XOX.

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