Wednesday, May 12, 2010

catching up

been pretty busy around here. submitted grades late monday night, so the semester is officially OVER. yes. very excited for summer.

i also finally got my skates today! and got to wear them to practice! it's amazing the difference they make, really. instead of scraping along the floor feeling like i'm gonna go sliding right off the track, these guys feel smooth and very control-able. as you might suspect, i loved practice tonight. next step is to buy outdoor wheels for myself and then i will just never take my skates off again. for reals, derby is the best thing to happen to me in a really long time. so extremely happy that i decided to do it.

feeling sunny and positive about summer as a whole. should be worky and productive while also involving shenanigans, cocktails, and lounging. another summer instituted life decision that i've decided to pursue is:

baking day!

i am an unconfident baker, my friends. so to change this sad fact, i will be baking something new, one day a week. perhaps from this book for the healthiness avoidance of refined bleached up flour nonsense. probs mostly i'll just be baking extraordinarily unhealthy treats from one wouldn't want to be *too* healthy. also hoping to do some entertaining this summer and/or bring baked treats to other get togethers. started off by making coconut cupcakes last saturday for ufc watching at cc's apartment. turned out pretty damn good, if i may brag a bit. cream cheese frosting, yo. so i've got high hopes for tarts, cakes, crepes, and breads.

now to read a bit of nylon before watching a movie and eating some treats with the bf. because it's suuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr and i can do whatever i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant. yup yup!

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