Wednesday, April 14, 2010

work, don't worry

my current solution to the extreme irritation of earlier in the week is do work, don't worry. here at nobeckettno, we have the tendency to fret about things that need done. at 3am. when absolutely nothing can get done except the ruining of sleep. so the work, don't worry motto went rubber to road yesterday and today and much is better in the world.

taxes are done, second tysabri infusion was infused, classes were taught, library fines avoided, make-up tests administered, and derby practice attended.

thanks especially to the derby practice, i'm practically euphoric right now. really, it felt AWESOME tonight. i just practiced falls, stops, and crossovers with the other new girls, but i finally feel like i'm starting to get the hang of it. and we got to skate on the real track! (minus the other girls!) and we had to sprint and then do things like one-knee fall, baseball slide, all-fours fall, and t-stops every time Coach Cooch blew her whistle. EXHAUSTING! for the last minute or so, we just sprinted around the track doing crossovers and i thought i was gonna die. but i made it and i'm already so proud of myself for getting better and just going out there and doing it even tho i get nervous before practice.

i drove home with the hugest smile on my face, blasting japanese bossa nova with my windows down and the warm midwestern air all blowy and spring and just couldn't have been happier.

and MS med infusion went totally smoothly yesterday. i drove myself there and back (even tho pretty baby repeatedly asked if i would like him to come - so sweet) and only got a tiny squeamish when the nurse put the iv thing in. got some grading done, chatted with the other ladies and left two hours later feeling fine. no weird side effects and no signs of brain infection so far. woot woot.

my major must accomplish goal for tomorrow is finishing enough of my next chapter to send a second chunk of it to the director. which might be challenging. but i've got all day and all kinds of motivation, so i'm feeling good.

now it is super major sleep time. i can't hardly believe how tired my body is.

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