Wednesday, April 21, 2010

plans and planning

i'm such a list maker, you guys. unfortch, the last few days have stalled out at the list-making stage and haven't really progressed to the next step which is the doing shit stage. but i have thoroughly enjoyed coming up with restaurant ideas and potential fun happenings for my girl reunion in arizona, creating a list of roller derby names for myself (all of which are just not quite right!), making a positively endless dissertation list, and planning meals that i then get too lazy to make.

some fun lurks on the horizon though! an away derby bout this weekend and then next week a birthday that i have, over the last few days, decided to embrace. pretty baby is gonna take me to dinner and i'm sure i can coax some of the local flava to come out for cocktails. but i made a special decision for my actual birthday day and for this i am very excited. gonna sleep in and then leisurely make myself this:

coconut cake! a big, heavenly mess of puffy sweetness. i imagine. i've never even had coconut cake before. but i've decided i MUST have it on my birthday and i'm terribly happy about the prospect. it just seems so indulgent and floofy and perfect. of course, being a special birthday celebration, i will also enjoy some of this:

ah, but who am i kidding. you know it will be more like this:

git it, git it!! i'm gonna bury myself in a pile of sugary coconut goodness and champers. i'll probs wear something pink and sparkly too, just for good measure.

the whole theory here is that a girl can deal with anything as long as she throws enough sugar and booze at it.


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