Sunday, April 4, 2010

the midwest may be getting to me

so after seeing a link to something called crash hot potatoes on a friend's FB wall, i got sucked into the blogger's love story. then i saw these pix of the family dogs and babies (here and here -- really scroll through, it's obscenely precious) and now, totally immersed in pioneer woman's world, i find myself intrigued by this and this.

smitten kitchen's brisket description is also weirdly haunting. am i going to start eating meat again? until last year, i was a strict vegetarian for 14 years. and then i decided i needed to stop being a baby and eat some lean protein so i started to eat fish. since my vegetarianism was always more about texture and less about animal cruelty, i haven't had any big qualms about eating the fishies. i'm mostly interested in health at this point. and adults need to eat what's good for them even if they don't like it.

i'm also convinced that to build muscle, there's nothing more effective and better for you than lean animal protein. and what i want more than anything is to be healthy. especially with the MS diagnosis, i want to know that if i have another "episode" that my body will be prepared to bounce back. (to be fair, i am still struggling with my love of cocktails and frozen pizza in this regard.)

i guess now that i've opened the doors to a non-veg lifestyle, it's no wonder that other fleshy options are asserting themselves on my psyche. significantly less healthy options, at that.

anyway, i've still got the ick as far as meat is concerned. but i find myself increasingly curious about these rustic and simple meaty things. the things that ranchers eat and the things that simmer and bubble in a slow cooker all day. i guess i'll just keep an eye on my appetite and see where it leads...

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