Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a little punk, just in time.

was having some standard midnight panics tonight when a growling joan jett appeared in the headphones and turned the wrong world right again. nothing like a surly confident bitchface girl to remind us that we spit in the face of self-doubt. yeah, i may be way behind in my dissertation writing and everything looks like a crashing wave of poverty and despair. but i'll figure it out. i usually do. and when i don't, i just move back in with my parents! ha.

for reals, tho. writin is hard, y'all. i gotta get my mess together and have a productive summer. but i also need to stop bashing my brain against the keyboard when i don't understand something. usually if i keep writing i figure it out, but sometimes i just don't and then it's four pages of half sentences, curses, death threats, and limericks and that does not a productive summer make. so next on the list is a better coping strategy for when i hit mental roadblocks.

tonight's brain break was making a list of the craziest motherfucking derby names i could come up with (shout out to so&so who emailed with a list that was nothing short of inspired, really. jen "the mad stork" backman and jen "based on the novel push, by sapphire" backman may not be in the current running, but they made the top of the crazyfunny list with a bullet.)

remind me NOT to study break with name games again, plz. it's like a black hole for a lit nerd and general collector of strange names. plus, when i just let the old noggin run wild, my absurd crazytown ideas start to sound normal.

like now someone has to convince me not to name myself Boom Boom L'Amour.

which is lunatic. but i bet joan would like it.

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