Monday, April 5, 2010

lazy monday

getting motivated was a bit of a chore today. esp since i spent four hours of last night scraping glue off of a cement floor. which was what happened at derby practice instead of derby practice. turns out that last season was so successful for the lafayette brawlin' dolls that it's time for a bigger space. the dude who owns the space ripped up a whole ton of astroturf from what used to be an indoor softball field and the girls helped out by scratching the leftover gunk off the floor. lots of leftover gunk.

but i think by saturday (first bout of the season), things will look awesome. owner dude is building bleachers to seat 1200, there will be beer and snacks for sale, a local dj will be spinning, and there are announcers n shit! for reals, i think this is gonna be amazing and fun. i can't wait! (even tho i'm just gonna be helping keep track of penalties.) i'll be bringing my camera!

also i shed out the $$ for my skates and gear today. wahoo! very exciting stuff. i think i'm going to be pestering my ups dude like mad until they get here.

tomorrow is another one of my beautiful tuesdays in which i try to write like a maniac and apply for a job at san francisco city college. i gotta get this work stuff together, people. now though i'm gonna call my mama and finish some laundry before hopefully getting some blissful sleep. had a rough night last night with terrible dreams of beckett falling off tall stuff and my friends getting busted for drug possession. and it was miller who got busted! miller, the never-done-anything-bad-in-her-life friend!

and why do my bad dreams about beckett invariably involve her falling off of tall stuff?

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