Monday, April 12, 2010

grumpy and grouchy

i have been EXTREMELY irritable lately and today is no exception, so i'll keep it short. i swear, if it weren't for jello pudding cups i'd be off my rocker. and twizzlers. those are helpful too. anyway, all i'm gonna do here is a make a list of the things that are bothering me right now in the hopes that writing them will get them out from under my skin. feel free to skip the bitchfest and tune in next week when maybe i'll be a happier girl.

- just trying to get too many things done and not doing any of them particularly well.

- beckett has some kind of dog version of roid rage from the steroids for her allergies and she is making me crazy with incessant barking crazy skittishness and general manic weirdo-ness.

- i got my derby stuff in the mail today but no skates. BOO. apparently they take longer. i'm happy to have my pads and helmet and mouthguard, but REALLY wanted the skates. (am stoked tho that my life now requires something with "high density impact-resistant cap" even tho on the packaging, it's spelled "denisty")

- i seem to have broken my new camera by being a forcer. (previous cam had a remarkably similar charger and i didn't notice that i was trying to shove a kodak prong up a nikon's ass for 24 hours. siiiiiiiigh. now nikon doesn't respond when anything, no matter how gently, is inserted into its parts. when will i ever learn? what a brute.)

- i also broke my favorite plate when i accidentally crashed my favorite mug onto it during give-your-favorite-dishes-a-bath-in-the-sink time. (i guess this did inspire me to have the genius idea of saving all my favorite broken dish ware so that i can eventually make some kind of cool trencadís project. i think this will help me deal with the loss of my beloved kitchen gear.)

well, i guess that's all i can think of right now. except for that i'm broke, not sure how i'm gonna finish my dissertation, and scared of being broke and jobless for eternity. plus i'm getting old. birthday on the rapidly approaching horizon.

BLAHS. gonna read for class and go to bed. will try to make tomorrow more positive. just hope nobody tries to talk to me at tysabri infusion session b/c i have been a serious bitch on wheels. zero interest in small talk and/or other people right now. maybe i'll bring one of those sleeper eye masks and my ipod.

see, off to a good start already!

(that was sarcasm. i don't even like sarcasm.)

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