Sunday, April 18, 2010

crashing again

once again exhausted and barely gonna make it through a post before face needs to hit pillow. mostly cuz of derby which is kicking my ass in a very fun and exciting way.

on friday, i met coach cooch and one of the other new girls to do check-offs (i.e. prove we can do a list of basic things) and i got checked off on all of them! the scariest was trying to do 5 laps in 55 seconds which i didn't quite make, but i nearly did. enough to get passed on it anyway. the first time i did five in a minute and then the second time i did five in 58 seconds. woop woooppp! even tho i thought i was gonna go sailing off the track a few times, getting within three seconds of the goal was more than enough for me.

which means i'm officially able to practice with the team now, but not scrimmage. so tonight i did my first drill with the team and it was amazing and scary and super fun all at once. they weren't allowed to hit me, so basically i just skated around and tried not to fall over while everyone else knocked into each other. then i had to catch up with the pack a couple of times which was hard! my cardio needs wooooooork, man. i definitely think derby is gonna help me get my cocktail consumption into a more acceptable range. i think my ass and my thighs are gonna be in a more acceptable range soon too. MY LEGS ARE DYING RIGHT NOW. DYING.

in other news, i got a decent amount of writing done this week but not enough to send to the director yet. boo. but i'm feeling pretty good about it. went to the mfa thesis readings on friday night and then out to sparrow where i enjoyed a couple of cocktails and some fish n chips. the best part of the night was when it was time to close out and when anna brought our separate checks, brian apparently wasn't ready to go home so he gave his a nasty look and then ate it. just took the bill and put it right in the mouth and chew chew chew. deadpan. and fucking hysterical. funny too was when i had to go tell anna that he needed a new bill b/c of the eating it situation. kinda priceless.

anyway, my whole body has this kind of numb ache and my head hurts and my eyes are so tired they're burning. so i'm gonna grab the bulldog and cuddle up until tomorrow.

eek, and i have to get observed tomorrow while i teach. blech. hate it. which means i'm gonna be nervous until 4:30. oh wells. i'm already looking forward to my morning oatmeal and that's something (new fave is cinammon oatmeal with a big scoop of almond butter, a littler scoop of apple butter, and a big handful of blueberries. yummmmmm. and caramel tea. great, now i'm hungry again).

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