Thursday, March 4, 2010

quick quick

i've been a ball of busy lately, finishing 5 abstracts for next year's mla (4 more to go. god bless it, i better get on a panel for that convention!) and one more post-doc application. um, yeah, it was for stanford, so i'm not holding my breath on that one. i've decided that it is much better for my overall mental health to accept the fact that i'll most likely still be in indiana for next year. i KNOW! i didn't want it to happen either. but i'm no genius and the job market is so far down the shitter you'd think frickin slothrop was down there swimming around with it in some kind of pomo literary joke scene (or was that profane, can't even remember anymore).

at any rate, i shall make the most of it if i do end up here. i'll be done with the stupid degree, pretty baby will still be here, and i can move out of my tiny ass apartment if i want to. the loveable screwballs i hang out with should still be in town and i won't have to get a new neuro-ophthalmologist. so we're looking on the bright side in lafayette.

turned in a chunk of chapter two to my director today and got a draft of my conference paper together for l.a. CAN'T WAIT for some california time. my body is just screaming for the best coast.

more tomorrow -- have a zillion things to do and time slips through my fingers like something slippery and difficult to hold onto. got big plans for this weekend, tho, big plans.

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