Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my very first practice!

man, i'm gonna be sore tomorrow. had my first derby practice today (!) and that shit's hard. not allowed to knock into anyone yet, but the two other new girls and i practiced falls and stops and just generally tried to not fall down while skating in a circle. of course i did fall down, but only once and it was when i was just standing still. go figure. i'm not even sure how that happened. but whatever, i gotta get used to spills and there seems to be a general shit ton of girls falling over everywhere you look anyway.

so it was rad and i'm crushing on derby hard now. i can't wait til i'm better and can actually be trusted to skate next to others. that seems so far off in a distant dreamland future, but i figure if practice is twice a week for two and a half hours each time, i'm bound to get better pretty fast. and probs get some sweet muscles in the meantime! there were sit ups, push ups, and planks in addition to the skatin. and stopping makes all manner of thigh burning happen. it will be fun to feel like an athlete again.

i was a sweatbomb jello-muscle mess when i got home, but david ordered a pizza and i took an awesome shower and now i feel pretty wonderful. i think this sport is gonna be just the thing for me. next step is purchasing my own gear! i just have to do some mental prep for the moneybomb that's gonna get dropped on

okay, i am exhausted down to the furthest reaches of my being and that bed with the cute soft sheets is calling my name like woah.

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