Monday, March 8, 2010

my beautiful tuesdays

looking forward to another tuesday, which has oddly become my favorite day of the week. i have tuesdays and thursdays off, you see. but by thursdays, i'm usually a bit behind my goals and feel stressed out that another week is almost over. so tuesdays are all fresh and new and hold the possibility of terrific productivity.

so i will be heading to vienna for a vanilla chai and writing. also on the list is a free skate with the raves and probably the now weekly trip to the black sparrow for pizza and half-off wine night. the skating and pizza/wine are dependent on the success of another tuesday addition, my tysabri infusion (which will only happen once a month). gah! i can't believe i'm finally going to start my meds! i'm happy that i'm treating my MS, of course, but i'm a little freaked out about the whole process. will update tomorrow with a rundown, but the basic idea is one hour of iv tysabri drip and then one hour of saline drip. pretty baby is coming with and we're bringing work (and fashion mags, in case i need them). here's to hoping i feel okay afterwards and don't wind up with a brain infection somewhere down the road. the most common side effect is getting sick more often since the tysabri messes with yr immune system.

kind of a big tuesday. it is my most fervent fervent hope that being on these drugs doesn't fuck up my life. i've got lots of shit going on, and getting sick frequently just won't do. i guess it's time to load up on hand sanitizer, soap, and immune boosting foodstuffs. (nothing is getting between me and my cocktails and nights on the town tho so don't be scurred, liver. i won't forget the amount of work you do for me.)

oooooh, and i got my nippon girls japanese pop from 1966-1970 cd in the mail today!!!! it is so fucking rad i can't even find the words. my favorite songs so far have a much more sexy, punky vibe than i would have expected. it's gonna be all martini pajama dance parties at chez backman from now on.

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