Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ersatz armor

struggling a bit over here under the weight of it all. i knew ahead of time that i overloaded myself this semester but i guess it was my typical hubris. foolish, foolish girl. how do i never learn?

now it's all emotional exhaustion while i claw my way through the rest of the semester. just fried, inside and out. needless to say spring break wasn't much of a break. tho i did have a marvelous few days in los angeles. will share when i'm on the right side of a good attitude again. will try to recreate, on the inside, beautiful last saturday at the beach where it was all sun and cool breezes and german boys flying kites, napping girls, and french surfers in wetsuits. when even the seagulls were charming.

tomorrow it's off to san antonio where i get to spend some time with sarah (lovely). now to just write the paper i'm presenting thursday morning. and to get over my sore throat and cough. and not fret that beckett has her horrible allergies back again even tho i spent well over $600 trying to fix it. and to quit worrying about my dissertation that has been in dry dock for what feels like forever. and to scrub the black out of my heart.

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