Wednesday, March 10, 2010

busy sleepy boring

well, it's 2:00am again and i'm exhausted. actually took some pix tonight tho, so maybe i'll get on the visual documenting soon.

today i started teaching the lover by duras which i think is beautiful and haunting. the students took their midterm on monday and i'll be in LA on friday for a conference, so i thought i'd make today a bit of a treat day. brought cookies and did a little intro to the novella and then showed about 25 min of the movie. since today was especially nice weather, everyone seemed a little amped up anyway. glad that i could make it sort of partyish and happy instead of dullsville.

i'll maybe write more about duras later, but just to recap, the MS stuff is still cool. some basic details:

yesterday, pretty baby and i had some lunch at mcallister's around 2:30 and then showed up at my appointment a little before 4. the nurse lady (linda lou!) was super sweet and had beautiful beautiful blue eyes and was chatty all the way through which was nice even when she poked my vein and made blood shoot up all over the place onto my arm (not cool). i just looked away tho and didn't get too creeped out. then i asked her about exercising after the whole thing and she was like, "well, what do you want to do?" so i told her i'd be roller skating as practice for roller derby and she freaked out! turns out linda lou has always wanted to be a roller derby girl, so she took down the website ( and wanted to talk about it the whole time. :)

some other ladies came in for treatment when i was just winding up and i made them talk to me about their tysabri experiences (all good, thankfully). they were both pretty chatty, so i might have some new MS friends cuz we'll be on the same infusion schedule. we all just sit in chairs with IVs attached to our arms for +/- 2hrs, so we might as well be friends.

afterwards i felt good so i went to free skate and scooted around with my crazy friends. winship was especially nutballs as he tried all sorts of crazy moves at high speeds which was effing hilarious, scary, and inspiring all at the same time. love the winship, for reals.

after teaching today, i worked and then met some folks out for dinner and wine at bistro. which turned into a very long drink at the sparrow afterwards. i swear, i only had one manhattan, but i sipped it (and a few club sodas) foreeeeeeever. ended up talking about philosophy, academics, etc. for hours.

now, like i said at the start of this rambles, i am tired like whoa. feel like i'm living my life tho and not feeling like a sick person who just started a lifetime full of drugs. which was what i was going for.

life is for living! and for sleeping! because sleeping is delicious and lovely. XOX.

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