Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday scrimmage

woke up super late again today and did a ton of housework before heading out to watch the lafayette brawlin dolls take on the circle city socialites. it was insane. and it was just a scrimmage! girls were falling all over the place, there was cursing, an ambulance came, it was bananas. and i really wanna do it. so i think i'm ready to commit. still gotta skate around a bit more and whatever, but i feel like i found my new hobby. i'm a little nervous yet to say 'yes, i'm doing this. let's buy $200 worth of gear so i can get a skate in my face and then break my ass.' but i feel revved up about it and was stoked to see my friend becca score lots of points and be really badass. i was so tense the whole time watching, but i couldn't help yelling and cheering and getting totally wrapped up in it. how did it take me so long to get into this? and is almost-34 a ridiculous age to do something where you need a helmet and mouthguard?


after i got home, i made some mushroom marsala pasta with artichokes and asparagus. i'm in maje pasta mode these days. thanks to barilla for making multi-grain and extra protein options so i don't feel too guilty about it. now i gotta get to some abstracts for next year's mla and then take a quick shower before bed. bleh to another monday! i swear, the weekend just started!

oh, i did meet some folks out on friday for drinkin at the sparrow. i enjoyed a manhattan and a blood and sand (interesting concoction) and some kind of local ipa that was good. and raves ordered us a buttery nipple shot. so i felt compelled to get another round later on and cute christopher suggested a chocolate cake which i had never had before and which was lovely. then we all put on silly tinted sunglasses that winship said made everything look like beer and everyone got the giggles and i felt happy and very friday inside.

i forget what happened on saturday.

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