Thursday, February 18, 2010


today was boring. went to mentoring where we talked about grading papers. i could have used it eight years ago when i was starting at dvc without any kind of clue about how to teach or grade or anything. now it's just another hoop to jump through. it's nice to hear what other people are doing in their classes and to share strategies and stuff, but man, i do feel talked down to. and i do not dig.

thankfully, i'm close to wrapping things up, b/c at least with a phd after my name i'll not get talked to like i've never made a midterm before. solemn promise to myself and my future students: i will NOT turn into one of these academics who get progressively more patronizing with every degree. i will also not treat composition teachers like total lepers whose classes are actually some kind of non-classes in which no real work gets done. grading that many god damned papers a semester is hard work -- harder than talking about novels and certainly more painful.

okay, basta with the complaining. sorreh. just had to get it out. rest of the day was lames too. sat at vienna for a while messing around with a job letter for this stanford postdoc (dreamy! swoon! trying to swat down my mystical hopes for this job!) and staring zombie-like at chapter two. chapter two is way the fuck easier than chapter one, but i had zero ganas today and just kept reading food blogs instead of writing. i forgot the novel i wanted to write about today anyways, so i packed up early and grocery shopped. then prepped tomorrow's lecture so i might be able to carve out a little personal writing time before class.

starting nervous conditions next week which is teh awesomes even tho i cry every time nyasha has her freak out. i bet my students will be stoked to finally read a novel with a plot and consistent characters (oops! next time remember to START the intro to fiction class with a real novel and THEN do the connected short stories, unfinished novel thing).

highlight of today was another couscous salad. came home starving and not motivated to do anything other than cut up some vegetables. so the leftover plain couscous got olives, tomato, feta, carrots, cucumber, chopped red leaf lettuce, bell pepper, a few cannellini beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, a little annie's goddess dressing, and a healthy squeeze of lemon. super frickin tasty and healthy! it looked like something a boy would not like, but david ate what i couldn't finish and seemed pleased. i'm craving salads all the time now...maybe it's related to my insane craving for summertime.

tomorrow is friday and then on saturday the raves has her hat and mustache party! yippee! i foresee fun and silliness with a sprinkle of work. the big question is: what beverage to bring to the party? i don't know what kind of mood i'm in. will definitely update when i decide.

now, to sleep! perchance to dream!

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