Tuesday, February 23, 2010

she likes it

definitely dug the free skate tonight. i was not all that talented, but it felt really good and it was fun and that's all i wanted to find out. we just tried swizzle, crossover, plow, and t-stop. well, almost t-stop. i chickened out on actually trying to stop that way cuz my skates started to go all wonky and i did not want to crash into the 8 year old's birthday party that was also going down at the great skate.

but maje thumbs up overall. i did not fall down, tho i have a tendency to flail my arms about and lean back when it feels like i'm going to fall down which is definitely NOT the right tendency to have. and my muscles by my shins hurt and i bet my inner thighs are gonna be sore tomorrow. but yayys for putting some skates on and getting out there and feeling like i might actually be good at this with some practice.

also missed a call this morning saying that my MS meds have finally arrived at the infusion sight (woot woot), so i'll be having my first tysabri infusion in the next week or so. ack! i have nervousness about it, but very good feelings about finally starting treatment. let's just all keep an eye on me in case i get a brain infection. i'll post some symptoms soon so blog-readers and life-friends can be vigilant. of course it's super rare, so i'm mostly kidding. but david and i did come up with the plan to lock me in the bathroom in the off chance i turn into a brain fever zombie. we figure i will have water in there and then he can slide food under the door for if i get hungry. but maybe we watch too many scary movies.

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