Monday, February 8, 2010

productivity monster!

i have been a busy girl as of late. had a pretty packed weekend and hit the ground running today by piling up on books at the library so i could prep for my unit on the first man. the existentialists have their problems, but god damn if that book isn't so beautiful it makes me wanna cry. seriously luminous, camus. and he just hits all my literary soft spots -- sunshine, ocean, romance, and a wildly passionate love of life. this is the kinda shit that gets my blood moving. will try not to have hurt feelings if the students don't dig.

so this weekend, i started out on friday by cleaning my apartment like a raging cleaning maniac. my landlady wanted to show it on saturday afternoon, and it was a shitbox for reals. now it is no longer the shitbox! scrubbed the shower, vacuumed, look out trash and the random boxes that had accumulated, did laundry, dishes, and generally scoured. then i was in desperate need of a drink, so i met up with folks at sparrow around 2am. had a couple of beers, relaxed, and came home refreshed.

saturday we had big plans to go ice skating but found the rink closed due to 'unseasonably warm weather.' wha? seriously, it was sunny during the day, but it couldn't have been more than 40 degrees. i was so bummed out. but we did have a nice dinner at bistro before that and then, upon seeing the sad closed ice rink, we went back to bistro and had desert and another bottle of wine. :)

then to sparrow where we hung out and danced and chatted and then back home for me while the others went to have shenanigans at winship's place. sunday i just slept, grocery shopped, and cooked up some foods.

fun meals recently have included whole wheat pancakes with sauteed apples (eeee!) and cedar grilled mahi mahi with creamed kale and sweet potatoes. yummms. not sure what's next on the list, but i'll be heading to albuquerque for a conference on thursday morning, so i might keep it simple until then. plus, i've got 900 million things to finish up by the 15th.

i might have a heart attack or a stroke before then. i can't seem to calm down. even when i'm "relaxing" my brain is going a mile a minute with all the applications to be submitted, papers to be graded, job letters to write, and lectures to give. needless to say, i've been skipping the gym again. haven't gone since last monday. blah.

but it looks like ice skating will happen tomorrow, and then i meet the parents in the 'querque for hiking, restaurant adventures, and santa fe visitations. that will surely be restorative. and then i think things will slow down a touch.

okay, must grade three more papers tonight and then i'm allowed to go to bed. tomorrow is finishing the bilsland fellowship application (it would be a daydream sunshine love crush kind of joy if i got that bloody thing, but let's not get our hopes up), and finishing my conference paper. thankfully conference paper is also a dissertation part. double dipping is so necessary right now.

xox. sleep tight, blog world.

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