Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh sh*t!

while this album's title may seem a little screwball veering towards fetishistic (and with some weird racial ish?), i am already MADLY IN LOVE with it. i've only heard little snippets online and am bribing my little brother to procure it for me on the quick quick. i NEED it right now. and we all know that when you need something, it is a responsibility.

also digging my recently purchased vv brown who rocks the hot pink bubble skirt below. i've been needing high energy girl music for writing lately and her album travelling with the light is taking care of business. a little retro, a little attitude, a little whimsy. dig it. like taking the tired brit 60s retro thing that started with miss winehouse and putting some speed and electronics under its ass.

i have also been really wanting new jewelry lately. since i'm on shopping lockdown, this may need to stay in daydream mode.

anyway, my goodnight benedryl is kicking in (too nervy to fall asleep naturally these days) and, along with myself, i need to put this late 60s pop obsession to bed.

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