Monday, February 15, 2010

midwest to southwest and back

had an awesome long weekend in new mexico with the parents. we had tooooons of good food, wine, and hangout time. i think the highlights for me were scalo in the nob hill area of albuquerque and prairie star in bernalillo. i had housemade spinach and ricotta ravioli at scalo and there was a little jazz band with stand up bass, cute girl on guitar, and cute boy horn player. the food was killer and the band was super fun and lively. i had roasted sea bass at prairie star which was tasty and we all had manhattans to start and shared a bottle of zin with dinner. our waiter was cute and friendly and may or may not have flirted with me there at the end. my mom and i also managed to co-drop a bowl of ginger sauce all over the table, splattering pops. oooops. but we all cracked up about it and the whole dinner was full of laughs, really. love the parents.

also explored around albuquerque and drove up to santa fe for saturday which was charming and cozy-looking. i gave my talk friday morning and then promptly forgot all about work for the next few days which was awesome. sorta feelin it now, but the trip was well worth it.

got back sunday night and dove right back into the work grind. i'm looking forward to my tomorrow though; i love my tuesdays! can't wait to park it at vienna and get a shit load of work done. i'm feeling really positive about the writing, so i'm just gonna run with it.

also looking forward to my first roller derby practice on weds! i'm not sure how good i'll be on the roller skates, but i'm ready for some adventure. gotta mix it up when you live in the snowy midwest. now for a quick shower before sleep!

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