Wednesday, February 17, 2010


didn't get to skate at the brawlin dolls practice tonight, but thankfully so - as these girls do not fuck around. i definitely felt the urge to put some skates on and get out there, but things were looking way more advanced than yours truly. really, i need to practice on the kid rink before i start weaving my way in and out of a line of fast moving ladies.

so before the new girls are allowed to skate with the big girls, we have to pass some general skills tests. which involves things like "plow," "swizzle," and "crossover." as far as i know, all i'm currently capable of is "stand" and "move slowly in forward direction." we're required to go to three consecutive free skates at the local rink and then we get signed off or whatevs. i am certainly down for some tuesday night free skate! after three weeks, we'll see if i've got the goods.

optimistic tho and i really enjoyed watching the practice. then raves and i went for pizza and beer and now home for sleeping. i seriously feel like i went through something at that practice even tho i just sat on my ass and watched! i think i was tense, esp with all the closeness of skates and bodies and people occasionally eating shit on the rink floor. which, let's be frank, was awesome.

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