Tuesday, February 2, 2010

forgets forgets

so as soon as i say i'm ready for my imbalanced work crap, i come up on a series of pretty great, well-rounded days. fine by me.

monday, i had an awesome intro to fiction class in which plenty of students talked and i felt like they got the cool shit that happens in the dew breaker re: theme and format. man, i can't wait until i can teach this book again because the stuff danticat does with speech/silence in each short story is stunning. plus, the structure of the book is just asking for cool undergrad exploration. the fact that there are essentially two beginnings and two endings is sort of cool, plus the circularity and the significance of the central story. it's just an ideal book for teaching an introductory fiction class -- you can really make clear the idea of authorial choice. like, stress the fact that fiction does not come out of a writer's pores like some kind of sweatgenius. novels are about choice and decision and thought and craft.

after that, i hit cardio blast for a super fun workout. i seriously dig adam's classes mostly b/c the cool-downs are way silly hip hop sillyness. a bunch of model-walks, snap-walks, sprinkler dances, and freestylin is exactly what i need to remember that i'm a free loose body in the world and not some teacher drone who is like some brain on wheels.

today i wrote my ass off for five hours and ended up with only six pages of cohesive chapter, but thirteen pages of ideas, and a decent sense of where i'm headed. then went to half-off wine night with the raves, win, and cute christopher where we enjoyed several bottles and several pizzas. we had a fig pizza (figs, bleu cheese, carmelized onions), a margherita (standard), and an el diablo (romesco, red onions, spicy red peppers). rocked the house, for reals.

but i forgot my camera! i've decided (and have gotten permission from the local cool kids) to take pics of the adventures! i need to just learn to bring camera with me...

i'm feeling super lovely balanced now. oh! also monday i submitted half an application to ucla's mellon postdoc. not a whole one cuz i don't have all my letters of rec in. but i don't care! i gave what i could and submitted my shit anyway. fuck it. better something than nothing.

now for some faceplant sleeping and starting it up again tomorrow. i am renewed!

(and i watched 'whip it' last night and liked it, for the most part. am feeling inspired to get more tattoos and join the lafayette brawlin dolls -- lafayette's own kick ass roller derby team. not to be all follower or nothin.)


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