Monday, February 22, 2010

charmed, i'm sure

after a long morning and afternoon of teaching prep and lecture givin, i fell into the rabbit hole that is the food blogging world. my god, it's never ending out there. but worth it, given this little gem of simplicity, elegance, and charm: i spent far too long drooling over the photos, but emerged with some serious meal plans and inspiration. plus, the chick digs bourbon. a woman after my own heart.

tonight's dinner was tasty but just a repeat, really. grilled halibut and cous cous salad. very tasty and provided enough for leftovers tomorrow, which i do appreciate. especially since tomorrow is free skate at the local rink in practice for roller derby! gah! i don't think i've put roller skates on my feet since sixth grade or something. ridic. but i can't wait. after seeing all those girls swizzle around gracefully and then crash into each other like awesome maniacs, i have been DYING to put some skates on. wish me luck!

(and i wonder if i'll make it to those leftovers or if i'll end up at yet another half-off wine night at sparrow eating fig pizza? meh. at least pretty baby will have some food around if turns into wino hour).

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