Sunday, February 21, 2010


where the crap has my weekend gone? and how did it get to be 1:45 in the morning?

friday david and i took it easy, watching a movie and eating dinner and just hanging out which was lovely. much needed down time.

saturday, i did absolutely nothing all day except grocery shop and make spinach dip for the hat n mustache party at raven's place. headed over there around 10:30 and had a lovely time drinking fat tires, chatting, and being silly. didn't head home until laaaaaate. took lots of fun pics, but it appears as tho someone absconded with several cameras and phones at some point in the night. very serious boo on that front. wasn't totally in love with camera, but those things are expensive and i'm not particularly made of money these days. gah. my plans to put more pictures on this blog just refuse to come to fruition.

party was fun and good for my brain despite the potentially stolen camera (maybe there's a chance its tucked away somewhere at the raves' place?). i needed a night involving snack food, dresses, and tomfoolery. today i walked back to get my car, picked up some sandwiches for me and pretty baby and got into grading mode, knocking out a lot of in-class work and reading responses. also did a bit of my own writing at vienna, so all around decent day that was (relatively) hangover free (w00t!). had a vague headache this morning, but a couple excedrine migraines and some water fixed that up nicely. OH, and i also did dishes, ironed clothes, and made a green smoothie today too!

but now i remember that i hate sunday nights because they are made inherently depressing by the workyness of mondays. i'm gonna go sulk into a martha stewart living mag until i get stressed out enough to prep my lecture for tomorrow. maybe to bed by 2:30? that's reasonable. for my ridiculous schedule, that is.

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