Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday scrimmage

woke up super late again today and did a ton of housework before heading out to watch the lafayette brawlin dolls take on the circle city socialites. it was insane. and it was just a scrimmage! girls were falling all over the place, there was cursing, an ambulance came, it was bananas. and i really wanna do it. so i think i'm ready to commit. still gotta skate around a bit more and whatever, but i feel like i found my new hobby. i'm a little nervous yet to say 'yes, i'm doing this. let's buy $200 worth of gear so i can get a skate in my face and then break my ass.' but i feel revved up about it and was stoked to see my friend becca score lots of points and be really badass. i was so tense the whole time watching, but i couldn't help yelling and cheering and getting totally wrapped up in it. how did it take me so long to get into this? and is almost-34 a ridiculous age to do something where you need a helmet and mouthguard?


after i got home, i made some mushroom marsala pasta with artichokes and asparagus. i'm in maje pasta mode these days. thanks to barilla for making multi-grain and extra protein options so i don't feel too guilty about it. now i gotta get to some abstracts for next year's mla and then take a quick shower before bed. bleh to another monday! i swear, the weekend just started!

oh, i did meet some folks out on friday for drinkin at the sparrow. i enjoyed a manhattan and a blood and sand (interesting concoction) and some kind of local ipa that was good. and raves ordered us a buttery nipple shot. so i felt compelled to get another round later on and cute christopher suggested a chocolate cake which i had never had before and which was lovely. then we all put on silly tinted sunglasses that winship said made everything look like beer and everyone got the giggles and i felt happy and very friday inside.

i forget what happened on saturday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


made a pasta sauce tonight that i've been seeing around the blog world and it was pretty damn good. maybe i shouldn't have read all the glowing comments b/c it may have been overhyped, but i can say that i'm definitely a fan and that i'm finding myself thinking about now, hours after dinner is over and belly is still full.

so, for lovely pictures and recipe with instructions go here or here. it was the beautiful simplicity of the sauce that got me intrigued, just a 28 0z can of san marzano tomatoes, 5 tablespoons butter, and one onion peeled and cut in half (ends trimmed off, obvi). plop all of it in a saucepan and let simmer for 45-50 minutes. take out the onion and serve over pasta of your choice. (i decided to save the onion remains for eating with some toast and cheese as a snack or for breakfast. man, i wish i liked eggs; i bet that would go awesome.) i went with barilla multigrain linguine and it was pretty magical. i did add some parm and some basil. and we had a mixed green salad and warm baguette with olive oil, balsamic, and minced garlic. hell yeah. oh, two classes of cupcake vineyard cab also.

sore from my roller skating yesterday, but in a nice subtle way. did what seems like not much today, but given my current exhaustion, i must have done enough. so it's to bed early over here and then hopefully a crazy productive thursday.

but here's to the fast-approaching end of the week! i've got burn out and wintercrazy like nobody's business. somebody get this bitch some sunshine and a cocktail. or else.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

she likes it

definitely dug the free skate tonight. i was not all that talented, but it felt really good and it was fun and that's all i wanted to find out. we just tried swizzle, crossover, plow, and t-stop. well, almost t-stop. i chickened out on actually trying to stop that way cuz my skates started to go all wonky and i did not want to crash into the 8 year old's birthday party that was also going down at the great skate.

but maje thumbs up overall. i did not fall down, tho i have a tendency to flail my arms about and lean back when it feels like i'm going to fall down which is definitely NOT the right tendency to have. and my muscles by my shins hurt and i bet my inner thighs are gonna be sore tomorrow. but yayys for putting some skates on and getting out there and feeling like i might actually be good at this with some practice.

also missed a call this morning saying that my MS meds have finally arrived at the infusion sight (woot woot), so i'll be having my first tysabri infusion in the next week or so. ack! i have nervousness about it, but very good feelings about finally starting treatment. let's just all keep an eye on me in case i get a brain infection. i'll post some symptoms soon so blog-readers and life-friends can be vigilant. of course it's super rare, so i'm mostly kidding. but david and i did come up with the plan to lock me in the bathroom in the off chance i turn into a brain fever zombie. we figure i will have water in there and then he can slide food under the door for if i get hungry. but maybe we watch too many scary movies.

Monday, February 22, 2010

charmed, i'm sure

after a long morning and afternoon of teaching prep and lecture givin, i fell into the rabbit hole that is the food blogging world. my god, it's never ending out there. but worth it, given this little gem of simplicity, elegance, and charm: i spent far too long drooling over the photos, but emerged with some serious meal plans and inspiration. plus, the chick digs bourbon. a woman after my own heart.

tonight's dinner was tasty but just a repeat, really. grilled halibut and cous cous salad. very tasty and provided enough for leftovers tomorrow, which i do appreciate. especially since tomorrow is free skate at the local rink in practice for roller derby! gah! i don't think i've put roller skates on my feet since sixth grade or something. ridic. but i can't wait. after seeing all those girls swizzle around gracefully and then crash into each other like awesome maniacs, i have been DYING to put some skates on. wish me luck!

(and i wonder if i'll make it to those leftovers or if i'll end up at yet another half-off wine night at sparrow eating fig pizza? meh. at least pretty baby will have some food around if turns into wino hour).

Sunday, February 21, 2010


where the crap has my weekend gone? and how did it get to be 1:45 in the morning?

friday david and i took it easy, watching a movie and eating dinner and just hanging out which was lovely. much needed down time.

saturday, i did absolutely nothing all day except grocery shop and make spinach dip for the hat n mustache party at raven's place. headed over there around 10:30 and had a lovely time drinking fat tires, chatting, and being silly. didn't head home until laaaaaate. took lots of fun pics, but it appears as tho someone absconded with several cameras and phones at some point in the night. very serious boo on that front. wasn't totally in love with camera, but those things are expensive and i'm not particularly made of money these days. gah. my plans to put more pictures on this blog just refuse to come to fruition.

party was fun and good for my brain despite the potentially stolen camera (maybe there's a chance its tucked away somewhere at the raves' place?). i needed a night involving snack food, dresses, and tomfoolery. today i walked back to get my car, picked up some sandwiches for me and pretty baby and got into grading mode, knocking out a lot of in-class work and reading responses. also did a bit of my own writing at vienna, so all around decent day that was (relatively) hangover free (w00t!). had a vague headache this morning, but a couple excedrine migraines and some water fixed that up nicely. OH, and i also did dishes, ironed clothes, and made a green smoothie today too!

but now i remember that i hate sunday nights because they are made inherently depressing by the workyness of mondays. i'm gonna go sulk into a martha stewart living mag until i get stressed out enough to prep my lecture for tomorrow. maybe to bed by 2:30? that's reasonable. for my ridiculous schedule, that is.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


today was boring. went to mentoring where we talked about grading papers. i could have used it eight years ago when i was starting at dvc without any kind of clue about how to teach or grade or anything. now it's just another hoop to jump through. it's nice to hear what other people are doing in their classes and to share strategies and stuff, but man, i do feel talked down to. and i do not dig.

thankfully, i'm close to wrapping things up, b/c at least with a phd after my name i'll not get talked to like i've never made a midterm before. solemn promise to myself and my future students: i will NOT turn into one of these academics who get progressively more patronizing with every degree. i will also not treat composition teachers like total lepers whose classes are actually some kind of non-classes in which no real work gets done. grading that many god damned papers a semester is hard work -- harder than talking about novels and certainly more painful.

okay, basta with the complaining. sorreh. just had to get it out. rest of the day was lames too. sat at vienna for a while messing around with a job letter for this stanford postdoc (dreamy! swoon! trying to swat down my mystical hopes for this job!) and staring zombie-like at chapter two. chapter two is way the fuck easier than chapter one, but i had zero ganas today and just kept reading food blogs instead of writing. i forgot the novel i wanted to write about today anyways, so i packed up early and grocery shopped. then prepped tomorrow's lecture so i might be able to carve out a little personal writing time before class.

starting nervous conditions next week which is teh awesomes even tho i cry every time nyasha has her freak out. i bet my students will be stoked to finally read a novel with a plot and consistent characters (oops! next time remember to START the intro to fiction class with a real novel and THEN do the connected short stories, unfinished novel thing).

highlight of today was another couscous salad. came home starving and not motivated to do anything other than cut up some vegetables. so the leftover plain couscous got olives, tomato, feta, carrots, cucumber, chopped red leaf lettuce, bell pepper, a few cannellini beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, a little annie's goddess dressing, and a healthy squeeze of lemon. super frickin tasty and healthy! it looked like something a boy would not like, but david ate what i couldn't finish and seemed pleased. i'm craving salads all the time now...maybe it's related to my insane craving for summertime.

tomorrow is friday and then on saturday the raves has her hat and mustache party! yippee! i foresee fun and silliness with a sprinkle of work. the big question is: what beverage to bring to the party? i don't know what kind of mood i'm in. will definitely update when i decide.

now, to sleep! perchance to dream!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


didn't get to skate at the brawlin dolls practice tonight, but thankfully so - as these girls do not fuck around. i definitely felt the urge to put some skates on and get out there, but things were looking way more advanced than yours truly. really, i need to practice on the kid rink before i start weaving my way in and out of a line of fast moving ladies.

so before the new girls are allowed to skate with the big girls, we have to pass some general skills tests. which involves things like "plow," "swizzle," and "crossover." as far as i know, all i'm currently capable of is "stand" and "move slowly in forward direction." we're required to go to three consecutive free skates at the local rink and then we get signed off or whatevs. i am certainly down for some tuesday night free skate! after three weeks, we'll see if i've got the goods.

optimistic tho and i really enjoyed watching the practice. then raves and i went for pizza and beer and now home for sleeping. i seriously feel like i went through something at that practice even tho i just sat on my ass and watched! i think i was tense, esp with all the closeness of skates and bodies and people occasionally eating shit on the rink floor. which, let's be frank, was awesome.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh sh*t!

while this album's title may seem a little screwball veering towards fetishistic (and with some weird racial ish?), i am already MADLY IN LOVE with it. i've only heard little snippets online and am bribing my little brother to procure it for me on the quick quick. i NEED it right now. and we all know that when you need something, it is a responsibility.

also digging my recently purchased vv brown who rocks the hot pink bubble skirt below. i've been needing high energy girl music for writing lately and her album travelling with the light is taking care of business. a little retro, a little attitude, a little whimsy. dig it. like taking the tired brit 60s retro thing that started with miss winehouse and putting some speed and electronics under its ass.

i have also been really wanting new jewelry lately. since i'm on shopping lockdown, this may need to stay in daydream mode.

anyway, my goodnight benedryl is kicking in (too nervy to fall asleep naturally these days) and, along with myself, i need to put this late 60s pop obsession to bed.

Monday, February 15, 2010

midwest to southwest and back

had an awesome long weekend in new mexico with the parents. we had tooooons of good food, wine, and hangout time. i think the highlights for me were scalo in the nob hill area of albuquerque and prairie star in bernalillo. i had housemade spinach and ricotta ravioli at scalo and there was a little jazz band with stand up bass, cute girl on guitar, and cute boy horn player. the food was killer and the band was super fun and lively. i had roasted sea bass at prairie star which was tasty and we all had manhattans to start and shared a bottle of zin with dinner. our waiter was cute and friendly and may or may not have flirted with me there at the end. my mom and i also managed to co-drop a bowl of ginger sauce all over the table, splattering pops. oooops. but we all cracked up about it and the whole dinner was full of laughs, really. love the parents.

also explored around albuquerque and drove up to santa fe for saturday which was charming and cozy-looking. i gave my talk friday morning and then promptly forgot all about work for the next few days which was awesome. sorta feelin it now, but the trip was well worth it.

got back sunday night and dove right back into the work grind. i'm looking forward to my tomorrow though; i love my tuesdays! can't wait to park it at vienna and get a shit load of work done. i'm feeling really positive about the writing, so i'm just gonna run with it.

also looking forward to my first roller derby practice on weds! i'm not sure how good i'll be on the roller skates, but i'm ready for some adventure. gotta mix it up when you live in the snowy midwest. now for a quick shower before sleep!

Monday, February 8, 2010

productivity monster!

i have been a busy girl as of late. had a pretty packed weekend and hit the ground running today by piling up on books at the library so i could prep for my unit on the first man. the existentialists have their problems, but god damn if that book isn't so beautiful it makes me wanna cry. seriously luminous, camus. and he just hits all my literary soft spots -- sunshine, ocean, romance, and a wildly passionate love of life. this is the kinda shit that gets my blood moving. will try not to have hurt feelings if the students don't dig.

so this weekend, i started out on friday by cleaning my apartment like a raging cleaning maniac. my landlady wanted to show it on saturday afternoon, and it was a shitbox for reals. now it is no longer the shitbox! scrubbed the shower, vacuumed, look out trash and the random boxes that had accumulated, did laundry, dishes, and generally scoured. then i was in desperate need of a drink, so i met up with folks at sparrow around 2am. had a couple of beers, relaxed, and came home refreshed.

saturday we had big plans to go ice skating but found the rink closed due to 'unseasonably warm weather.' wha? seriously, it was sunny during the day, but it couldn't have been more than 40 degrees. i was so bummed out. but we did have a nice dinner at bistro before that and then, upon seeing the sad closed ice rink, we went back to bistro and had desert and another bottle of wine. :)

then to sparrow where we hung out and danced and chatted and then back home for me while the others went to have shenanigans at winship's place. sunday i just slept, grocery shopped, and cooked up some foods.

fun meals recently have included whole wheat pancakes with sauteed apples (eeee!) and cedar grilled mahi mahi with creamed kale and sweet potatoes. yummms. not sure what's next on the list, but i'll be heading to albuquerque for a conference on thursday morning, so i might keep it simple until then. plus, i've got 900 million things to finish up by the 15th.

i might have a heart attack or a stroke before then. i can't seem to calm down. even when i'm "relaxing" my brain is going a mile a minute with all the applications to be submitted, papers to be graded, job letters to write, and lectures to give. needless to say, i've been skipping the gym again. haven't gone since last monday. blah.

but it looks like ice skating will happen tomorrow, and then i meet the parents in the 'querque for hiking, restaurant adventures, and santa fe visitations. that will surely be restorative. and then i think things will slow down a touch.

okay, must grade three more papers tonight and then i'm allowed to go to bed. tomorrow is finishing the bilsland fellowship application (it would be a daydream sunshine love crush kind of joy if i got that bloody thing, but let's not get our hopes up), and finishing my conference paper. thankfully conference paper is also a dissertation part. double dipping is so necessary right now.

xox. sleep tight, blog world.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

goodnight, wednesday

meh kinda day today. graded, taught, made a quick target run, watched zombieland with the bf, did some dishes, blah blah. did get to chat with miller tonight which is always fun and makes me feel normal and grounded, like i have a life outside of lafayette, indiana. and a girl needs that reminder now and again.

looking forward to my tomorrow of writing, meeting with some students, and maybe hitting the gym. i'm also thinking about a trip to the local mall (ick, that place is like public transportation with a hot topic and a yankee candle store). but i needs some sugar scrub baaaaaaaad and my favorite black tights just developed a sizable run in the crotchal region. so i might just gather my courage and do it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

forgets forgets

so as soon as i say i'm ready for my imbalanced work crap, i come up on a series of pretty great, well-rounded days. fine by me.

monday, i had an awesome intro to fiction class in which plenty of students talked and i felt like they got the cool shit that happens in the dew breaker re: theme and format. man, i can't wait until i can teach this book again because the stuff danticat does with speech/silence in each short story is stunning. plus, the structure of the book is just asking for cool undergrad exploration. the fact that there are essentially two beginnings and two endings is sort of cool, plus the circularity and the significance of the central story. it's just an ideal book for teaching an introductory fiction class -- you can really make clear the idea of authorial choice. like, stress the fact that fiction does not come out of a writer's pores like some kind of sweatgenius. novels are about choice and decision and thought and craft.

after that, i hit cardio blast for a super fun workout. i seriously dig adam's classes mostly b/c the cool-downs are way silly hip hop sillyness. a bunch of model-walks, snap-walks, sprinkler dances, and freestylin is exactly what i need to remember that i'm a free loose body in the world and not some teacher drone who is like some brain on wheels.

today i wrote my ass off for five hours and ended up with only six pages of cohesive chapter, but thirteen pages of ideas, and a decent sense of where i'm headed. then went to half-off wine night with the raves, win, and cute christopher where we enjoyed several bottles and several pizzas. we had a fig pizza (figs, bleu cheese, carmelized onions), a margherita (standard), and an el diablo (romesco, red onions, spicy red peppers). rocked the house, for reals.

but i forgot my camera! i've decided (and have gotten permission from the local cool kids) to take pics of the adventures! i need to just learn to bring camera with me...

i'm feeling super lovely balanced now. oh! also monday i submitted half an application to ucla's mellon postdoc. not a whole one cuz i don't have all my letters of rec in. but i don't care! i gave what i could and submitted my shit anyway. fuck it. better something than nothing.

now for some faceplant sleeping and starting it up again tomorrow. i am renewed!

(and i watched 'whip it' last night and liked it, for the most part. am feeling inspired to get more tattoos and join the lafayette brawlin dolls -- lafayette's own kick ass roller derby team. not to be all follower or nothin.)