Monday, January 11, 2010

workin on workin

day one of spring semester. lost whatever excitement i had. now drinking some wine instead of finishing up my wednesday lecture. i think it's just a little petulant child sitch where i'm having a hard time transitioning from lovely vacation time to "work time." i give myself a day or two before i'm back in the swing of things. i am looking forward to taking myself to coffee first thing tomorrow and knocking out my chapter one revision. it's time to get the show on the road with this writing biz.

had a pretty awesome last holiday weekend. met some folks for martinis at bistro, moved over to sparrow where many beers were ingested and then wrapped the evening up with an ENORMOUS vegi sandwich and fries at kirby's (+ a fat tire. and a guinness. and a shot of tequila rose. which reminds me of a patron shot that happened at bistro). anyway, that sandwich saved my ass and i woke up on sunday headache-free and without any pukey type feelings. i did have a general spaciness and what have you, but that's to be expected. it was super swell to see my drinking buddies again and i got lots of hugs and cheek kisses and general good cheer to make the semester seem less dreary.

last night i made macadamia crusted mahi mahi, mango/pineapple salsa, and beans n rice. was pretty good. better tonight tho cuz i toasted up some of the leftover macadamia nut topping and added it to the fish and lots of extra lemon. not sure if i will repeat this one, but it was super easy (esp for an alton brown recipe). i think the fish was just a little too bland/buttery for my particular set of tastebuds. i prefer lots of spices and strong, tart flavors. at least when it comes to fish consumption. happy to experiment, though, as always.

okay, tired of listening to my neighbor bang some overly emoting skank. i mean WOW. what a faker. gonna put my headphones on, turn up the serge gainsbourg, drown out porny mcgee, and finish the lecture.


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