Saturday, January 23, 2010

salads for EVAR

it was a migraine weekend over here in indiana. both friday and saturday it's been headache central, so i haven't done much other than a little light reading and some fashion mag/online window shopping. i've got a decent wish list for wardrobe additions that was fun to compile even tho the finances are not really in a state for wish-fulfillment. i have also decided that i'll be sporting some big 60s hair on occasion. life in lafayette needs some drama.

oh, i also totally lost my shit at the grocery store last night. that wasn't fun. i probs shouldn't have gone out with the headache, but i thought i could have a nice leisurely grocery shop and whatever since i wasn't going out for cocktails or anything. well, i was wrong. i did have a nice leisurely shop in which i picked up a ton of produce, some fun yet healthy treats and a bunch of staples since pretty baby and i were running low on a lot of things. last week was busy and neither of us got to the store.

so i finish up and realize there are no tellers. it's midnight (thanks to my ass backwards sleep cycle), and they're saving money by making everyone use the self-check shit. which is fine when you have a couple of things. not fine when you've got well over a hundred dollars worth of food for you and your special someone. long story short, i've got bags of groceries stacked all over the place, the robot lady keeps telling me to rescan my last item and put it in the bagging area, but there's no more room in the bagging area and there's no room in my cart b/c it's full of stuff and i've got bags and bags of produce that would take forevs to weigh and figure out the numbers for, plus i have wine and beer and the real person attendant is nowhere and my head is screaming and the heat is so jacked up that i'm sweating and flushed so i totally started crying, paid for what i had scanned and left with 3/4 of my crap still in the cart.

not a proud moment for jb. (oh, i also started my period yesterday, so there's that adding to the crazy). honestly, tho i don't even feel bad about leaving the rest of my stuff in the cart. i just wanted a PERSON. those machines are not really human being friendly and if that store doesn't think it's a priority to have people around then i don't want to shop there anymore. so the payless on beck lane can suck it. i went to another grocery store today and spent my money there -- where they had the human being service that a girl with a headache needs.

tonight, my entertainment was an enormous salad and some garlic naan and a fat tire. very delicious. i have two favorite salads right now -- one is red oak lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, carrots, olives, toasted pecans, and gorgonzola with a sprinkle of balsamic and the other (which i had tonight) is red oak lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, carrots, olives, toasted pumpkin seeds, and feta with a good squeeze of lemon. i could eat these salads CONSTANTLY i love them so much. do normal people crave salads the way i do? man, what i wouldn't give for a garden. can't wait until i have yard. i need more dirt and plants in my life.

well, since headache is still with me, i think i will go cuddle up in my bed and rock back and forth in the fetal position until i fall asleep. SO saturday night, i know.


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