Friday, January 8, 2010

a little bit rock star, yeah?

so even though one of my goals for 2010 is to deal with my hemorrhaging bank account, i decided to spend my christmas money frivolously. i mean, it's holiday cash, peoples. it deserves something shiny. so i was crushing on this pair of tory burch pumps and then they went on sale and they had my size available. when the shopping gods smile down on you in that way, you don't look them in the mouth or whatevs. you know. (i've had a benedryl so as to get myself asleep before 5am, so it might be a mixed metaphor night.) anyway, ya esta:

they may be a bit hard to see, but you get the general picture. black leather, gold studs, nice heel height and shape for the rough midwestern winter months. should go with many wardrobe items and will fit in nicely with the more ballsy look i want to cultivate. idea here is that clothing ballsyness will serve as an assist to my overall demeanor. esp given the fact that this afternoon, my director stared her oddly penetrating eyes at me and said 'get it done.'

yes, ma'am.

(i secretly like to be bossed around sometimes. and stern ladies do so keep me in line.)

anyway, LOVE my new shoes. they came in the mail today and i stomped them around the apartment, making david pay attention to them. and to the cute box and wrapping they came in also.

but on to more serious things. my new year's resolvers! maybe better understood as goals!

- find a way through the bureaucracy maze and get my first tysabri infusion (hopefully in feb)
- more green smoothies
- fish 4-5 times a week
- serious gym action + free weights at home

Beautification Situation
- be better at maintaining hair/eyebrow/pedicure conditions
- do my god damned dry cleaning
- buy new sugar scrub
- dress cool n shit

- write every day, extra on tuesdays and thursdays
- apply for postdocs
- no more conferences
- do a good job teaching my lit class but don't sacrifice the writing
- finish. don't worry about next year too much. just finish.

Financial Disaster Management
- cut grocery bill by 1/3 by sticking to my list and taking advantage of sales
- no new dresses! (i am allowed a new pair of jeans and one pair of slacks)
- cut bar bills by taking advantage of good specials and interspersing club sodas
- cut restaurant bills by going out on half-price wine night. save 1/2 of dinner for leftovers
- try to get travel grants for my conferences

- arrange girl's reunion in arizona
- try lots of new (but affordable) recipes, practice baking
- talk to my mums 1 or 2 times a week
- keep my apartment tidier
- more arty, less academic

alright, i am feeling very chilled out in an extremely benedrylled kinda fashion. sweet dreams all! i think 2010 is gonna be big. and i'm excited to get going with this semester (but i'm feeling too floaty and sleepers to put an exclamation mark here.)


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