Sunday, January 24, 2010

disco disco good good!

free from headache. i slept until a ridiculous 3:20pm today! even though i REALLY did not want to get up that late, it's probably good that i had mistakenly set my alarm for the p.m. rather than the a.m. i got less work done today, but i am completely without head and neck pain. hurrah to that. sometimes the body just demands things.

of course now it's 2:30am and i am nowhere near sleepy. but i've got to prep and teach tomorrow, so it's time to hit up the medicine cabinet and benedryl myself to bed.

this should be a productive and healthy week, i think. lots of meetings, classes, and writing ahead but it's all pointed in a good direction. i think i may have sorted out my MS meds stuff after another series of phone calls and i should have some important school shizzz out in the mail by tuesday.

had an awesome giada halibut salad tonight and am looking forward to leftovers tomorrow. cooking is really my only hobby these days, but i love it to pieces. beyond the deliciousness of the results, it's the one thing i can do where i am entirely focused on the task at hand. there's no planning my future, no worrying about what other things i should be doing, no negative thoughts of any kind. there's just chopping, slicing, measuring (and not measuring but guessing), tasting, poking, and burning my fingers as i grab things straight out of the oven or pan. anyway, i adore it and i'm glad that i'm making the time. cooking may literally be saving my sanity these days.

yay to food and yay to a pain-free monday on the horizon.

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