Friday, January 1, 2010


lazy day around these parts. had a mellow nye at home last night with my man and some home-made cookin, nice wine, and caramel apple pie. woke up hangover free which has to be some sort of new year's day record for me. one i probs don't care to repeat, but one my this morning self sure did appreciate. to make up for it, i had some champagne this afternoon while watching a scary movie and eating snacks. nice indeed.

haven't made any official resolvers for 2010 so far, but they will be coming soon. (i'm definitely my father's daughter in the quasi obsessive list making dept.) but the big ones are ones that i've been working on and been serious about for a while -- like finish my bloody phd, keep it strong with my handsome and inspiring bf, make sure my dog stays alive and healthy, and keep good track of my friends and family. of course, all of these things need maintenance and attention like anything living and breathing does.

all in all, i'm feeling positive about the big stuff and ready to stalk, tackle, and submit the rest. let's all get rowdy and successful in 2010.

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