Saturday, December 26, 2009

phx -> ind

sighs, sunny time vacay time is over. once again in an airport having eaten a mediocre bagel. thankfully this time i do NOT have a pile of blue books to deal with. finished those suckers, submitted grades, and ate/drank myself silly in arizona with my beautiful and nutty family. had a lovely time all around and, of course, am sad to leave. there really is something so soothing and healthy (despite the booze n foodfest that is the backman house) about the southwest for me. fixes my insides somehow. it's a combo of the time away from work, my messy apartment, my routine + loving family + starkly beautiful and exotic landscape. i just always leave feeling cleansed and ready to attack my life again with new focus and vigor. which i will address in a later post.

but before i board, i will say that the standouts of the week included a three mile christmas morning hike, a dickensian early christmas dinner, lovely presents, copious champers, buying treasures at bon, the inclusion of my brother's beautiful and charming fiancee in the traditional festivities (a perfect addition to the family!), tennis with my brother, IN N OUT, extended family dinner with liar's dice, lounging with food tv, shopping with mums, cooking with dad, ETC ETC ETC.

so good. too short, but enough to recharge and leave me feeling totally spoiled and immensely loved. (don't tear up at the airport, jb. don't tear up at the airport. ah, what the hell. who cares? tearing up.)

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Ciana said...

it was a pleasure and an honor being part of your family's christmas!!! it ROCKED, basically!