Thursday, December 10, 2009

losing it lost it getting it back

end of semester work shitstorm over here. i've got student drafts coming out my orifices, my own looming chapter deadline (whhhyyyy can't i finish this chapter?!), and a large stack of finals coming my direction next week. add 15-20 degree weather, frozen car doors, pms face breakout, and malfunctioning apartment gear and you get a seriously cranky jb. not to mention the endless bureaucracy that is a relentless part of grad school.

but i got a bunch of stuff done over the last few days and i have some sense of freedom on the horizon. next semester also looks like some oasis of joy and productivity. so the current mantra is just get through next week. just get through next week. just get through next week.

if i don't go on a wild rampage of violence and mayhem in the next few days, you will find me soaking in champagne and christmas cookies in arizona. then maybe happy fun jen can come back and be pleasant instead of being this unshowered, disheveled, angry, and funless rage bomb.

prob i'll just get my period and be fine tomorrow. hormones! woohoo!

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