Saturday, December 19, 2009

can she do it?

at indy airport with a carry-on full of blue books. had a mediocre everything bagel, some mediocre airport coffee, and i'm just about ready to tear this grading business up. i'm cruising on +/- 7 hours sleep in the last 48 and i'm feelin a little crazy. but trap me in a airplane for four hours, and i think i can finish it all. then i'm gonna drink a bottle of champagne and sleep for a week. maybe sporadically waking up for snacks.

finished a TERRIBLE second draft of chapter one last night. 44 pages of meandering crap, but an improvement over the previous version. i have high hopes that next semester will be more productive. i do feel like i have a million ideas and that i can sort it all out given a decent amount of time. so here's to hoping.

okay time to focus and knock some shit out so i can enjoy my family time in the southwest.

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