Wednesday, December 2, 2009

mid range lazy

all that productivity yesterday gave me broken brain today. so i taught, worked out, "made" some indian food (i.e. steamed a bunch of vegetables and added a jar of archer farms vindaloo sauce, which was good but not real-indian-food kind of good), and talked on the phone with deese for like two hours. and watched the end of the italian job which i believe to be a damn fine movie. actually clever heist movies are hard to find and then there's mos def as a plus. and mark wahlberg, and jason statham, and seth green, and charlize theron. so, yeah, like the movie.

i also seem to have broken or otherwise fucked up my garbage disposal which is both sad and gross. there are now potato and carrot peelings floating in a low pool of greying water in my sink. sigh. guess tony the handyman will come calling soon and i'll probably greet him, yet again, braless and pajama-ed in the mid afternoon. why is it that i ALWAYS manage to look like an unemployed and smell like a bar when he comes to fix stuff? i swear, most of the time, i'm clothed and smell quite nice.

tony will also have to help me deal with the toilet in my downstairs bathroom that has been running non-stop for two days. i tried jimmying several thingies in the top part to no avail. usually my random monkeying around with those pieces parts yields some kind of success. the constant noise is starting to drive me a little batty, tho, i think. like it's just generally stressing me out such that i might crack and start throwing things at the toilet soon. you'd think that it could be like one of those zen fountains or whatever. but it's not.

i think it's time to do some dishes in the unfucked up side of my sink, take some benedryl to drown out the noisy shitter, and focus on tomorrow's potential for greatness.

actually excited to get down with laptop and some vanilla chai tomorrow morning at vienna. here's to hoping that smart words come out my fingers.


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