Monday, December 28, 2009


getting back on the midwest wagon here. barely. been trying to stay motivated about my resolutions, so i've vacuumed and tidied and organized, grocery shopped, worked on the diss, and caught up with friends. i've even (slowly) started working on the six pounds i managed to gain in the seven days i spent at my parent's place (!). i imagine that once i get back into my normal routine, the six will come off quite naturally. will keep you posted. i'm imagining i'll be back to regular weight/jeans fitting appropriately in the next week.

still feeling a bit bluesy abt leaving my beloved west. had to scratch a bunch of snow off my car today and use my special 'writing gloves' at vienna because it was fricking cold in there. (my writing gloves are cute little red fingerless mittens that mums bought for me last christmas and they really help! i never knew i would have occasion to really appreciate fingerless gloves.)

made my dad's famous caesar tonight for dinner and put too much lemon. tasty tho regardless. now i'm gonna look over some writing notes for tomorrow and pass out. i miss the super soft sheets at my parent's house. boohoo. (i'm whining internally now). boooooooohooooooo.

vacation continues on though! i will sleep till noon! you can't stop me from reveling in my free time, you stupid snow covered indiana!

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