Thursday, November 5, 2009

the wrong side of 5am

up until 4? yes, sure. up at 4? no, no thank you.

alarm went off at 4:30 and i made myself some caramel tea and forced half a packet of banana oatmeal down before i hit the road for indy at 5. drove for an hour, bleary and cold-ridden and arrived at a chilly indy airport. took a dayquil, slept until denver. an hr layover, slept until sf with my only real discomfort being screaming ear pain upon descent. goddamn, flying with a head cold can suck.

then took the airtrain from terminal 2 to terminal 1 and took BART until montgomery stop. then walked to dee's place dragging my roller bag and carrying my heavy purse. by the time i got up the hill to her monstrous apt building, i was a sweaty coughing snotty out of breath disaster. i actually stopped to catch my breath before going in the building b/c facing the array of attractive concierge dudes in my state seemed really unappealing.

got into her apartment and passed out on her couch for a ridiculously satisfying two hour nap. during which i had the most amazing jen dream EVER! i know that reading abt other people's dreams kind of sucks, so i will keep this short. my girlfriends and i were in a lovely boutique/bakery run by a beautiful brunette french woman and her daughter (who was about 5 or 6?) and everything was just BEAUTIFUL -- cookies and little cakes and earrings and dresses and cafe au laits in adorable cups and bowls. she was giving out little tastes of intricate pastries and i had the feeling that i could have everything i wanted.

needless to say, i woke up feeling sort of enchanted and much healthier. took a majorly restorative shower and walked down to peet's coffee on 1st and howard where i'm now sitting with a nonfat caramel latte, staring happily at the san francisco skyline. just pleased as punch to be alive and in my proper place. yes, this city does magic to me.

soon i will meet the fritz (fritz!) and a few others for cocktails at bloodhound and then probably nyquil myself to sleep. tomorrow will involve miller and little brother and grading and polishing up that damn paper and then a lovely dinner out with the ladies.

oh left coast, i love you.

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Trouble said...

i would love to borrow that dream! it sounds absolutely charming!