Wednesday, November 11, 2009

skyscrapers raced her and were left behind

art, love, and happiness: the new manifesto

there's just something about san francisco that brings out the manifesto in me. maybe it's drinking a beer at revolution cafe in the temperate fall afternoon, maybe it's the no-huevos rancheros with hipsters at saint francis fountain. but it's not all fists in the sky manifesto in me this time.

it's also the just-so rumpled elegance of russ and ciana's berkeley house, deanna's spare but luminous condo in the enormous jutting form of 1 Rincon Hill. waking up in her fluffy bed to that view put the stars back in my heart. getting to hang with fritz again, meeting his sweet new wife, trying a million delectable tasties at beretta, dragging mills and crew to 20 different boutiques so that i might find a dress for the conference. everything so woke up my insides. and while i feel an urgent desire to hit the gym and be a priest of restraint for for a while, i feel such immense clarity and happiness at my life, such as it is.

i just let so much drudgery into my day-to-day. enough of that. so, in that general theme, i say

more brave! more action! down with boring!

style: clothes with more guts and color
home: finish my flower string light project, frame the various prints laying around
write: take that dissertation down - every day now, no excuses. two hours creative writing every week (more after i secure a job for fall).
love: careful appreciation for the terrific in people and encouragement of their greatness, no more bratty petulance when i don't get my way
teach: with more joy and more art and more enthusiasm
cook: return of the green smoothie, full acceptance of shrimp eating, practice baking

it's time to get some punky aggression back into the game. time to stop thinking that my life is somehow waiting for me down the road.

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