Sunday, November 22, 2009

pickled and pleased

uff, the weekend whirlwind of drinking continues. full update tomorrow, but it was another drag shows and champagne brunches kind of weekend. today did involve +/- 12 hours of champagne consumption and despite that somewhat horrifying fact, i feel great. must be b/c i ate my weight in brunch goodies. (oh and my apple cake went over like woah, so yay for that. recipe also tomorrow).

funny few days all around. today was unhealthy amounts of lady gaga, potato casserole, apple cake, mimosas, and bagels. friday was healthy amounts of hairy drag queens and unhealthy amounts of cheap vodka drinks (yuck! what was i thinking? not very me at all. i even had a peach long island at one point? wha?). woke up saturday feeling not pukey but certainly crazy headachey. too hungovered to go downstairs, i found a nearby dayquil and slept until 4pm. not really sure when i went to sleep, but that had to be closing in on 12 hrs. nuts.

needless to say, a bit of a detox is on the horizon. not going anywhere for thanksgiving should help in that regard. don't care for most of the trad fare anyway. it's indian food and scary movies for me and pretty baby. can't wait.

also exercise, vegetables, paper grading, and dissertation writing. will be good, for sures.


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