Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i refuse!

to get sick before my san francisco trip. so screw these sniffles n sore throat feelings. already i'm bummed that my super workout and super work plans for this week are pretty much ruined. but i just will not have my cali plans ruined. so i stayed home from the gym and let myself sleep a bit longer than normal this morning. had lots of tea, gargled with salt water (apparently this is a thing?), washed the sheets, and have been washing my hands like a maniac. don't want to get pretty baby sick either.

so i'm crossing my fingers that this thing gets no worse. i'm not even taking cold medicine b/c i read that it can just keep the cold longer. okay, well, if i feel like craps tomorrow before teaching, i'm taking some damn dayquil. i have two lectures back to back tomorrow and that's enough to wear me out when i'm feeling like my regular super hero self.

everything else in the life is swell tho. got into another conference -- this one is in april in montreal. hope i can come up with some cash to get there...at the very least, it's a 'acceptance' line on the cv. i should probably stop with the conference thing soon tho and focus on publishing. but that's so much scarier!

okay, gotta read a little before bed and suck down another hot tea before that. let's cross our fingers that i wake up tomorrow feeling like healthy sunshine!

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