Sunday, November 15, 2009

down with boring, indeed

in the spirit of my previous post, i decided to taken raven up on the offer to visit her in chicago on friday night. even tho i (and the bank acct) could have benefitted from a weekend at home, the more action! more adventure! side won out and i drove winship and myself up to hang out at the palmer house hilton with raves and her friend chris.

car ride included spicy chex mix, brownie and coffees from starbucks, and dj win who played santogold and a bunch of other stuff that was fun and that i can't remember now what it was. got to chi around 6:30, got ready with the other kids, and took off for dinner drinks and dancing. dinner was fish tacos and a few other tasty treats at carnivale. then we stopped by their department party at the hilton on michigan avenue which was already folding up when we arrived. (while there i tried to invent a cocktail involving tea and vodka. fail. do not try this, even if you have a fruity type tea.)

from there we attempted a trip to pops champagne bar which was very cute but also very full. ended up at a piano bar called the redhead (or something along these lines) -- oddly, the same bar i ended up at with sarah and the girls during her bachelorette weekend. i think this bar is so unspeakably dull that it leads to crazy decisions. in the case of the bachelorette weekend, it led to a gentleman's club where we bought sarah a lap dance from a stripper with tape over her nipples. this time, we ended up at a gay club in boystown dancing to frighteningly loud techno and drinking vodka redbulls until 4am. highlight was def the drag queen who was a very well built african american guy sporting a black mesh top, gold corset, black tutu, tremendous eye makeup, and sparkly blue lipstick. AWESOME. LOVED IT.

crashed around 6am with the help of some prescription relaxers only to be woken up 5 hrs later by a text from brian who wanted to get brunch. oddly, i felt wonderful! i suggested we all visit orange and it was a success all around. standout here was the fruishi (obvs) and the mimosa flight. i had my three little champers mixed with watermelon, pineapple, and strawberry juice, respectively. whoever invented mimosas was a genius, i could have sipped those little lovelies all day long. instead, we went for a nice walk along the lake and brian decided to put some of his extremities into the lake which was entertaining.

then home, happy and tired and feeling very fulfilled. slept like 12 hours last night. now feeling entirely incapable of doing my schoolwork. will prolly put self to bed again soon and just get up early tomorrow. cannot wait for a good week of working out and healthy eating (gonna try the lemon couscous and vegetable saute from here).

at any rate, still terrifically tired and happy. it was a memories-to-keep kind of weekend. sleep tight, lovelies.

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Trouble said...

two things: 1. i believe in the possibilities of Earl Grey cocktails, although a martini might not be the way to achieve this 2. i made a horrifying phone call to the Redhead in Chicago one night in 2005 out of desperation, asking them if they needed a cocktail waitress, and stating that i am, in fact, red-haired, and very cute. they did not seem amused.

2b. i like this commitment to adventure! v. inspiring!