Sunday, November 1, 2009

another saturday for the record books

but it was halloween so i guess that sort of goes without saying. paid a visit to the english department party which was fun and lively and involved costume awards (for which i was nominated but didn't win - i was marge again this year and that big old blue wig gets a lot of giggles!). i had two newcastles and snacked some snacks in the kitchen and chatted with a few people and then split when i realized someone had drinked up all my remaining newcastles. boo.

walked to muse to meet raven, win, and others. did some dancing, hung out for a while, ended up at the black sparrow for more dance and somewhere in there the entire town got shitfaced. i must say, yours truly remained the paragon of mid-range tipsyness. intermittent club sodas do help in this regard. someone at the table next to us puked. right on the table, blech. someone else at that table was alseep (sitting straight up, head bobbing occasionally) for the entire time i was there which was at least two hours. everyone else was dancing maniacally, spilling shit everywhere, and causing general mayhem. win and i tried to give our whiskey shots away at some point and no one would take them. somebody swiped my black trenchcoat from banana that had my keys in the pocket (siiighs) and i borrowed win's 70s sport coat to walk home in. split before things could get any more wrecked and got home around 4? got a call at least a half hour later that the party was still continuing but by that time i was cozy in bed with my doglet and entirely out of halloween energy.

but, man, i got more attention as marge simpson than i have in ages! what's up with that? i can't even count how many boys talked to me last night. if i weren't wildly in love, i'd reconsider my hair style. :P

i will leave you with the gem of the evening, imo -- a voice mail left by win for adryan who lovingly took it down and posted it on fb. it was definitely funny at the time, but not nearly as funny as it is now. i guess some backstory is that win called adryan at like 1:45 and she didn't pick up so raven and i were trying to get him to hang up but he was resistant. so, in it's entirety for everyone's enjoyment:

You have been, I'm sure, happy this evening and I'm drinking water in a weird way. . . . Say goodbye? Okay, I'm supposed to be saying good bye and I love you, which is true. I do. Love you. But without the bye part. Because I'm just getting started. No. Not wrap it up. No. What's up. Yeah, that's it. What's up? Because I haven't seen you and it always makes me feel bad when I don't see you. . . [during which he's debating with Raven about why he never leaves her messages?] . . . I love it when people call me, even when I don't respond because the messages are the best and I listen to them over and over and sometimes I try to record them. Wait, are we walking?

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